2020 started off as the strongest economic year on record.  Then Coronavirus hit and changed everything.  Now is the time to pivot and  make sure your business is prepared for the new challenges this year will hold.

In this section, you will find information to make sure your business is responding to the Cornonavirus with information. In the sub-      pages you will find Trends showing how consumers are adapting to the quarantine.  What consumers are demanding from the businesses they choose to interact with, along with the mediums consumers are utilizing.


Below are steps to take to position your company for COVID-19

Step 1: Acknowledge the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it has affected your business.  Think about how your current customers connect with you.  Have you modified your hours on your Google business page?  How about your website? Do you have any data bases that you can readily push out information like email, Facebook and text?

Step 2:  Craft a message for your consumer and share that message.  Let them know exactly how it has affected your business with a clear understanding of what is next.  Think about how your customers may feel coming into your business.  Will your team members wear masks? Gloves? Will you sanitize your business in the off hours?  When the quarantine is over people going out will need to feel reassured they are safe when they come to your business.

Step 3: Continue to advertise.  In the subpage marked trends you can see how certain media is doing better with this pandemic.  Local TV News Coverage leads the way people gathering their news.  Over The Top and streaming have seen an exponential growth as well as social media platforms like Facebook.  Each business is different and will need a tailored campaign.  During this time, there isn’t a one size fits all program.